Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Doesn't know it yet...
but daddy will soon catch her naked with a boy.

Comparing tan lines now and
red marks tomorrow. :)

If our fathers saw us now what would they do?

Patiently waiting...

Pulls down pants and tell hubby to kiss her ass!

Pulls down shorts and tells daddy to kiss her ass!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Just Wait Until We Get Home"

                         Imagine being in a crowded store and suddenly hearing your significant other shout "WHEN WE GET HOME I'M GOING TO TURN YOU OVER MY KNEE, FLIP THAT DRESS UP AND GIVE YOU A SOUND SPANKING!" Those were the exact words Tony used when I was at the local flea market. I made him angry because I was purposely taking my time at the market even though I knew he was on a tight schedule that day. When he shouted those words you could hear a pin drop, everyone just stopped whatever they were doing and looked my way. My face turned bright red and I too remained silent. I could see most of the men's eyes deviate to my dress clad bottom. I was wearing a short summer dress that day.

                      Tony's authoritative tone and the embarrassment of knowing that those men now know that a spanking awaits me when I get home gave me a tingly feeling throughout my body. Once home, Tony grabbed the hairbrush and followed through on his promise to soundly spank my bottom. I felt like a naughty little girl getting a spanking from daddy for not behaving. Over his knee, panties down to my ankles and the sound of rhythmic beats filled the afternoon air.

Patiently waiting for my spanking.